Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baker's dozen

So, I've finished three more quilts and now have a baker's dozen ready to deliver to Dr. Kaufman.  These are all from Tove!
I had what I thought was a perfect match sheet for backing this one.  The only problem was that it wasn't wide enough.
I added a less than generous strip to widen it...but not enough.  After loading it, the top was exactly the same size as the backing.  I persevered, and when finished no one is the wiser, but I succeeded in making it harder than necessary to quilt. 
This was a quick, smaller quilt.  The one below, my husband said, "I hope someone likes purple."  It reads dark navy to me...but I couldn't find anything to match it for binding.
I went with red and white binding, and it works.  Thanks, Tove, for all your generosity!  We'll see how many more I can finish before we deliver.

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