Friday, May 08, 2015

Quilts delivered!

Pat, daughter Lindsay, and I delivered a dozen quilts to Dr. Kaufman, who was thrilled to get them.  Thanks again to all my friends who have sent me tops!

I finished these two Wednesday just in time for Thursday's delivery.  Tove pieced these and we needed some smaller quilts since the majority of the quilts we had were larger.  I was able to load them consecutively on one bright backing with giraffes that Pat found.

Tove also pieced this one.  She is quite the prolific quilter and I hope she'll be able to get back to sewing soon.

Meanwhile I have tamed a little tabby kitty, dubbed Pimento, Pim for short.  We had been feeding wild Olive, so dubbed because of her sour puss personality after we watched Olive Kittredge on HBO.  (She would hiss and attempt to scratch me while I insisted on petting her as she ate--she's much more receptive now.)



 My hibiscus which we inherited from Dale's mom has been blooming continuously for over a month now.  It's having a particularly good year.   
The yard is ablaze with color--orioles are here!     

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