Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fiber Arts Fiesta!

Pat and I attended Fiber Arts Fiesta on Friday.  I had entered my summer quilt despite its developing a serious issue with bearding of the silk batting.  I spent a few hours defuzzing it before taking it in for display.  Thankfully it is most visible on the dark backing. 

On a lark, I also entered my scrappy sweatshirt in the sewing (wearable art) category.  I was really surprised to see it displayed with a first prize ribbon!  Woo-hoo, and there was even a money prize to go along with the ribbon.  (I think it helped that it was the only entry in the category!)

There were so many beautiful quilts.  Judith Roderick was the featured artist, and I have admired her work since the first Fiber Arts I had attended when we moved here.  I love her use of button embellishment and am inspired to use some of my collection.

 It was a great show.  Another inspiring piece was Studio Spirit by Pat Moorman.  I think Pat needs one for her new studio.   

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Pat/SWquilter said...

Love the Studio Spirit - don't know how we missed that on Friday?!