Saturday, May 24, 2014

Poor plants...

I spent the morning playing with plants.  Repotted several plants, took many of the plants back outside after spending the winter in the sun room.  I cleaned up, had lunch, and then the storm came in! 
 Oh my.  I know we need the moisture, but my poor plants didn't need the hail! There is a lot of leaf litter on top of the hail from our trees.

It looks like a summer snowstorm out there!
 Meanwhile we've had a pair of scaled quail visiting regularly.  They are hard to catch with the camera.  
And of course the orioles.  I put oranges out for them.  

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Sewing Up A Storm said...

We got lots of rain yesterday but no hail! Sorry about your plants.

One year we had so many bunnies that I called it the year of the bunnies. This year I am seeing lots of Jackrabbits. They are so cool!

I love your bird photos!