Friday, May 16, 2014

And three more makes six!

I'm getting another stack of quilts to take to Dr. Kaufman.  I'm finally putting a dent on the many tops I brought home from Phoenix.  

This one is from Ami.  She said I could use it for a backing!  I added some Route 66 borders to it, to give it a little more width.  I think some teen will be happy to have it.  I'm happy to be using up Route 66 fabric--and get it out of my stash.
It was just short of a (100% cotton) twin sheet with the hems cut off.  I know many quilters poo-poo sheets for backings, but I find that I can pick up wonderful quality 100% cotton sheets at thrift stores.  I don't see any difference between the fabric and quilt shop quality fabric.  Many times, for whatever reason, the sheets are still brand new...and I don't have to piece the backing.

This is a Jelly Roll Race II from Yetta.  I have plans to do one of these with a jelly roll of really bright batiks.  
 This one is a small quilt, the first of more than a half dozen from Patty E.  

I was able to put one long piece of the the Little Mermaid Panels on the longarm and get two tops done on it.  

Just ahead of the freeze we had a couple of days ago, Dale saw this lizard out front.  We have an abundance of these normally very brown lesser earless lizards.  This one was really light, and we thought maybe it was an albino--doubt he made up here from White Sands, where they are lighter to blend in.

The baby bunnies continue to delight me!  

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sophie said...

It looks like you're fully recovered (or close to it) and very busy!

The bunnies here race back and forth between my back yard and the neighbors. I think they are scarfing up the seeds that fall from their bird feeders. We have lots of birds, bunnies and squirrels but the cats seem most excited when a big orange cat comes into their space.