Sunday, November 17, 2013

A few more

I got a couple more quilts finished.  Thanks to Judy (in Ohio) from the forum.  She sent blocks from a failed project that turned into a quick "kitty" quilt.  The backing features lots of kitties on cushions.
 She also sent two of these panels, which whipped up quickly--loading them both on one backing.  I used this easy I Spy 123 pantograph. 

I also finished Jackie's king size black and white quilt.  No picture of it here since I want it to be a surprise.  Lindsay decided she wanted a "Christmas" quilt and so I'm trying to put together something before my other total knee on December 5th.  I always claim I work best under pressure. 
But of course I procrastinated starting the Christmas quilt by putting together a couple more quilts for Dr. Kaufman.  One was just an easy Harry Potter panel to which I added borders.  The other a BQ3 with some Paddington Bear fabric I came across when trying to find something for Pat to make baby quilts.  

I'm making it to fit the backing which I thought was perfect!  I also want to finish our advent calendar, which will be nice to have since the kids will all be here for Christmas.  Better get offline and get busy!


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