Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Freehand work

I generally do pantos.  I love the variety and the ease of just following a design.  The hardest part for me of doing freehand work is deciding on what to do where.  

I took a couple of classes at Craftsy with Angela Walters, and also listened to her lecture at Quiltcon which was available free on Craftsy.  I really needed to practice.

This quilt that Carolyn gave me at retreat was the perfect venue.  It was small enough that I wasn't overwhelmed with doing freehand work.  (I quickly get overwhelmed with larger quilts and filling all that space.)
 I'm satisfied with how it turned out.  I still need practice, practice, practice to get more comfortable with it.  

This quilt I made myself with "crumb" blocks.  I realized (too late) that my sashings kind of got lost with the busy blocks, but it's done.  

I used a plain backing and contrasting thread on the back with a great frog pantograph from Dave Hudson.  They were easy to see before washing the quilt...but you can still pick them out!  

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