Saturday, September 03, 2011

Room done

Our addition is finished!  Well, at least the part we contracted to have built.  Now comes all the work Dale will be doing to wire it, and finish the interior.  I'm just the gopher and helper.  My favorite part is acquiring things for the new room!  Our new front door will be a dark turquoise color.   
We've been busy with a few other things, Thursday afternoon we had a really loud lightning strike which took out our power.  We thought the whole area was without power and so never called until four hours later.  They came out and restored power with 45 minutes.  Lesson learned, we'll call sooner next time.

When the power came back we learned we lost our DSL modem, flat screen TV, a satellilte tuner in my sewing room, and the electronics in our satellite dish.  The modem is replaced, satellite restored, and now we're just waiting on the flat screen.  


sophie said...

It looks great. I know that you and Dale have a lot of work ahead of you, but that will be a great room to hang out in when it's done. The dark turquoise door sounds perfect.

pirate said...

what a great addition! Will you guys be building a porch, patio or "something" in front of the new front door?

Hilda said...

We'll probably have a little landing, but probably nothing over the front door. We seldom use that entrance.