Tuesday, September 06, 2011

One to donate, one to sell

I finished a couple of quilts.  The first is a little doggie themed quilt with some orphan flying geese blocks.  Thanks to Pat, I had the perfect backing, a flannel with doggie prints.

The second quilt is one made from my stash of Route 66 fabrics.  This particular print features the "Bluebird Hotel" sign which bears a striking resemblance to the Blue Swallow Motel, which we used to own.  I'm sure it was a deliberate attempt at bypassing trademark issues, which at the time the fabric came out we would not have pursued.  It is a generous lap quilt, 64 X 79" and I'll be selling it. 

 I quilted it with the clouds and lightning bolts pantograph.  The backing is a solid, celery green color.  

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