Sunday, June 12, 2011

Taking refuge

Today has been really windy but this wind was a blessing as it was keeping the smoke from the AZ fires away from us.  I've been taking refuge in my sewing room.  Got my Amish doll quilt loaded and am done with the quilting I wanted to do on the longarm.  It's also going to require some quilt in the ditch on the domestic sewing machine.

Yesterday we finally put up my new design wall.  We had to cut down the 4X8' half-inch insulation panels, and I covered it all with batting.  I'm really happy with my new design wall, 87X144" of space!  We sure could have used it when Pat was putting together the queen quilts.  I used the three pieces we cut off to make a bulletin board. 

  Of course since I had everything moved around, it was a good time to clean and organize stuff.  An ongoing, forever kind of task that's never finished.  I'm trying to weed out some stuff to sell or trade with other quilters.  I'm participating in a challenge to clean up my sewing room on  I also discovered ants were invading and I sprayed the exterior of my sliding glass doors and entry door with some "natural" product that I hope is going to be a deterrent.

I don't have much left to do, and then on to bigger quilts that I need to get done.

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