Saturday, June 18, 2011

Procrastination is my middle name

Okay so it's officially two months since I last posted.  The longer I go without posting, the less inclined I am to catch up.  I wanted to blog about our vacation.  We went so many places and saw so much natural beauty that I wanted to have a record of it.  It's almost two months since we took off, and so I'm going to back date these posts as I remind myself of our trip.  

We left kind of late, as we really don't feel the need to set a time to leave for vacation and then drive ourselves crazy trying to get out of the house with an arbitrary schedule.  It is vacation after all...we leave when we're ready.  We didn't get very far, Farmington, but it was a bit cooler and we enjoyed dinner at Three Rivers Brewery.  Farmington didn't seem to be as dry as our part of the state, and it was great to escape the smoke from the Wallow Fire in Arizona.

It was easier to get an early start the next morning, and we made it all the way to Capitol Reef National Park.  The drive to get there was spectacular.  Of course it was too late to get get a camping spot in the NP, but we found a nice private campground in Torrey, UT just outside the park.  It was quiet and with magnificent views of its own.   

We spent several days and thoroughly checked out the park with drives and hikes.  I don't tire of the the rocks.  They speak to me like no other landscape.  It was never boring and each canyon and rock formation, was better than the last.  This was the best slot canyon we found.  We were the only ones there until we were leaving.

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