Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tired of wind

The wind from hell has been blowing for what seems like weeks now!  We've managed walks to the post office, but not the last couple of days, when the wind kicked in very early, and has barely paused during the night.  This was the scene from our living room window for most of the day yesterday.
Blowing sand, dirt, and dust made ground clouds which obscured even our close neighbors.  This morning it is only breezy, and you can see the mesas to the south--along with a fine coating of dirt on the windowsill which penetrates our double paned windows!
 We did go out for a bit yesterday, just to alleviate cabin fever, pick up our mail, and some caulking for Dale to finish the camper project--replacing the tub that cracked all over from our extreme cold this past winter.  In the mail was a great thank you note from Dr. Kaufman which I'll share with all my friends that contribute to the cause.
The queen quilt that was to be raffled for the little boy who needed an insulin pump and service dog, is no longer needed.  A fundraiser in Santa Fe was successful enough for him to get both.  Instead it is now going to be raffled to purchase two continuous glucose monitors to use in Dr. Kaufman's office and also for supporting camperships for indigent patients for ADA Diabetes summer camp.  I know from Lindsay's experience that diabetes summer camp is an invaluable experience for diabetic children.

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