Monday, November 29, 2010

Wall hangings finished

I got some wall hangings prepped to finish in Colorado.  Thought Jackie would enjoy working on them since it was something she could do "bed resting."  The snowman was a pattern, and there is also a stuffed snowman that's supposed to go with it which I didn't get done.  Of course I used the pattern for a guideline, and didn't exactly follow all the instructions to the letter.  I appropriated a strip of flying geese for it that had been given to Pat for our kid quilts, and I hope whoever made them won't mind!  ;-)

 I also used this idea to create an advent calendar.  I thought making all the ornaments of felted wool would take more time than I had, so I used some of my milagros collection that Pat gave me.  

I thought Jackie could count down more days toward her goal of 36 weeks for the twins.  It would be good to keep them in at least that long--which is around December 20th.  

Now I have to get busy and make another calendar for Lindsay, and I want one too!  We don't put up a tree as often anymore, and this would be a good alternative.

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SandyQuilts said...

Darling Hilda. T&P's for your DD and twins. How exciting.