Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bear Paw done

I quilted Pat's spa quad, and then the companion doll quilt.  The bear paw was next on the queue.  I used a feather design on the borders and then Shades of Anasazi pantographs by Dave Hudson.  I can't compliment his pantos enough.  They have such a nice easy flow.  

I got a little creative with the backing.  I didn't have enough of the plain red flannel for the whole back.  The flannel print with the bear paws seemed appropriate because it was also from Rosie.  She'll have first right of refusal and then it will become a donation quilt.

It's been a busy week.  We helped Lindsay have a garage sale, and in that process I was able to score a Craftsman workbench with drawers and storage which will replace the drop leaf table as my cutting table in the sewing room.   Dale has a new small roll top desk.  Lindsay didn't sell much, but has less "stuff." 

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