Saturday, December 12, 2009

And the winner is...

Linda P. Congratulations, and I'll be mailing your package out today or Monday! I have finished a few things besides aprons. Another pair of socks.

This was the expensive wool I bought at a yarn shop, which I'll probably not do again, and I'm hoping it is indeed "super wash" and doesn't shrink. Somehow $27 for a pair of socks that I have to make myself is just wrong! I have a bit of yarn leftover and I'm working on making some cuffs, or fingerless mitts with the it. I'm sort of adapting the sock directions since I love the two at a time on cirular needles method. I could use something on my hands in the morning while I sit at the computer before solar gain takes over heating my space. We do have a gas heater, but since we lower the thermostat to 60 during the night, it takes a while to warm the house up in the predawn hours.

Lindsay came and spent the night and we did some holiday cooking. We made a full batch of the coconut/nut balls for dipping in chocolate, and I thought we'd never finish! It had been a long time since I made a full recipe. Fortunately the garage was just the place to set the trays while I waited to melt chocolate, dip them, and then let them "set." I do like them way too much and there was a lot of sampling.

I still need to bake cookies and the cardamom bread that I made last year. I also finished quilting and binding a small quilt, and will have another batch for delivery if I can get one a day done. That will keep me in the sewing room away from all the chocolate that is calling out to me!


fixin2quilt AKA jdo said...

I LOVE those coconut bon-bons and have been itching to make some myself. I have a recipe that gilds the lily with - ahem - bourbon. Bourbon bon-bons - what's not to like? Heh.

pirate said...

The give-away was rigged, I tell ya! :-)

pirate said...

Actually, I do have a serious question: youngest daughter Rene wants to know if you tempered your chocolate. She's currently into candy making (molded chocolates with a caramel filling) and is having some problems with tempering this batch of chocolates.

Also, on your coconut balls, how do you dip them .. do you have dipping tool of sorts or just use your fingers or what?

Linda P. said...

I'm so excited that you drew my name Hilda. I love to cook and invariably spatter my clothes when I cook. This apron will be the perfect solution plus I just love it. I was telling a bunch of the ladies at a Christmas Party I went to last week how adorable it is and tried to describe it. Now I can show them the real thing. Thank you Hilda, for the adorable apron, and for drawing my name. I'll let you know when it arrives.

Do you plan to post some of your recipes on your blog? The coconut balls sound yummy! I'd love to have the recipe to make for Christmas.

Oh and, since I'm kind of new to Blog Land, I'd like to "follow" your blog but can't figure out how to do that, is there a button or something that I'm just not seeing?

Linda P. said...

I just figured out how to "follow" your blog so I know when you've posted something new. I was able to do it from my own Dashboard. Pretty cool!