Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter comes and goes...

A few minutes ago it looked like a nasty snow storm was descending down on us. The wind picked up and it's blown away somewhere east of us. I don't know why I'd call it nasty--we really do need the moisture.

I finished quilting another two quilts that Pat sent. I was able to load them sideways and make use of a king flat sheet for backing. In between all of this we installed Edgerider wheels on my Gammill. The excellent instructions by Jeffrey Lomicka made all the difference on installing the wheels on my stitch regulated Gammill. I've only tried them a little, at the end of the quilt, but I can tell it's going to make a big difference in my control, and I will join the ranks of others singing their praise.

I finished one other donation quilt. I had wanted to do something freehand rather than a pantograph with this quilt, but I really struggle with design ideas to evenly quilt something--and usually end up going with a pantograph. I didn't on this one, except in the borders, but the quilting isn't terribly exciting. Oh well, it keeps the layers together, and sometimes that's enough.

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