Friday, November 20, 2009

Quilts delivered

Had my appointment at the VA for my knee and am definitely on the schedule for a total knee replacement the end of February. That will work out for attending the retreat in Phoenix, and for daughter Jackie's wedding in mid-April.

After my appointment, we delivered quilts to Dr. Kaufman. It's the reason I keep doing this. She is a wonderful doctor, and it is a small payback for all the care she gave our daughter Lindsay.

My 100th blog post came and went and I meant to have a giveaway. I'll have to think of something and post it on here, so stay tuned--all two of my readers! Here's the other Ariel quilt and its pieced backing...

OOPS! In my haste to post these pictures, I forgot to edit them and my quilts have legs and feet! LOL!


pirate said...

only 2 readers? au contraire! Bloglines tells me that there are *4* subscribers but only 1 (Suze) has a public profile. I know that I'm another subscriber .. and eventhough I have marked myself as a public subscriber, I don't show up. Trust me, I'm here! Hanging on your every word. :-)

Haven't a clue who the other 2 are, though.

Pat/SWquilter said...

One of them is me!! LOL! The Ariel quilt probably appreciates having legs and feet for a bit since she didn't! The backing looks nice.