Thursday, January 24, 2008

Week 2 Check-in

I seem to be getting further and further behind with these. But I did read the Chapter and do the exercises. I'm beginning to wonder if the writing of morning pages isn't contributing to my thumb pain. I have arthritis at the base of both thumbs, and this past week it has decided to remind me of it. Guess I'll try doing the morning pages on the computer keyboard which isn't nearly as painful as holding a pen/pencil. I did my morning pages 6 days out of 7. I guess now I need to decide how much printed text is equivalent to 3 handwritten pages (on a very small notebook).

In looking back at my childhood I was never discouraged from art, on the contrary I was encouraged. That was true until it came time to pick a career, and I knew I wouldn't have the luxury of waiting to see if art panned out, and I shifted to something where I knew I would be able to find employment, the medical field.

I really don't have a problem with other people's expectations of me. I long ago gave up giving the opinions of others too much importance in my life, and aging has made me more successful at weeding out toxic relationships. I have few friends, and they are secure enough and supportive to accept me even if I "shape shift." Who knows what we could all accomplish if we had such insights much earlier in our lives.

I'm using my saved outing from our trip as a second artist date. I went to the swap meet in Tucson two days in a row, where I found a few treasures. It combined both walking and an artist date. What a great place with foods, fresh produce, and an abundance of "stuff." The best of my purchases was on the second day when I scored a set of cushions from (probably) a love seat. They were new, and worked perfectly for creating the seating area with the IKEA coffee tables in our little living room. We had been looking at a chaise from IKEA, but this was much more affordable and works perfectly.

I really didn't get out and walk. I'm recovering still from knee surgery, and walking for enjoyment isn't a part of my days just yet, especially when some days are entirely filled with too much necessary walking. I am making progress though with exercises, but can't overdo the weight bearing (and there is way too much weight to bear) or my knees complain bitterly. Maybe this week I'll walk around our home a bit.

My smaller treasures from the swap meet, a pink depression bowl (50¢), little wooden spools of knitting and crocheting silk & cotton (25¢ each), little resin Buddha (25¢)to put in a little cactus pot, and a little framed picture that was lumped with a miniature Regina red wine vinegar bottle--not in the picture. Here's hoping I catch up and make the effort to post my week 3 check-in a little earlier, but I'm not promising anything. I try not to make promises I might have trouble keeping. ;-)


Marianne said...

"Who knows what we could all accomplish if we had such insights much earlier in our lives".

That reminded me of an funny episode of a scientific biologist (also a writer) who complained about the fact that our mental growing process was going clock wise against out physical decline and the other way around would be much more beneficial. The last shot was showing him as a little old man in the womb lol.

Isn't if fun to find all those little treasures? I try to do my best to return the same from my house to the thriftshop but looking at the space my stuff is taking I'm not doing a great job.

I hope your thumb and knee will soon get better

Debbie said...

I love your little treasures. They look like something I'd buy. About the morning pages on the computer. I think about a half hour would be the right amount of computer time. (provided you were writing the whole time, not daydreaming, like me)

VaNella said...

That crochet thread looks luscious! I love making doilies myself.
I never worried about what people thought of me; but i always put myself last until my 40th birthday when I told myself it is "my turn!" Since then much better balance.