Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Week 1 Check-in

Rather than explain at length to my readers (joke here), I'll link to another blog for the specifics of what I'm doing. Or at least I'm making an attempt.

Our trip to Phoenix and Tucson was delayed a week, and so I'm just back Monday this week. I did morning pages 5 days out of 6. Usually it's easier for me to get them in, since the mornings are pretty much my own, but with traveling, it was more of a challenge.

I had so many artist dates that I'm going to have them hold me probably until the end of the month. I'm calling our trip to Goodwill and then IKEA in Phoenix as the artist date for the first week. I love shopping at Goodwill, but just missed the everything 50% off at the Phoenix store by a day. I didn't find too many things I couldn't live without, and just got three tops, but I love just looking at everything. I tempered my shopping because I knew we were going to IKEA. We had an extensive list for IKEA, and the one must get was the ANEBODA cabinet to fit the very specific space in our new bathroom. We also got a couple of bookshelves with glass doors that will go in our back entry and in the old bathroom which at the moment is being demolished. Picked up a few things that weren't on the list...ESPRESSIVO halogen light to replace the one above the laptop which was a PITA to turn on and off. Also got a medium sized skillet, and a bunch of rugs, and some fabric yardage. I hope it is still on my clothesline. I did laundry yesterday, and forgot that I had hung it outside. The wind was blowing rather fiercely all day, and I never ventured out after hanging it outside. The photo is of my sale fabric, $1.99/yd, 59" wide! I thought it would make great backings for the kid quilts.

Got several walks in. Thursday, our travelling day was punctuated by walking in rest areas. Walking all day in IKEA was enough to do me in by the end of the day. Pain medication and sitting all the way to Tucson revived me.

I did the tasks in the chapter, and that's about all I'm willing to share on that topic. The best thing I took from the chapter is to just "do it." I have a tendency to not do anything if I can't work on some "work." My husband is just the opposite and plods along with many menial steps. They all accumulate, and in the end he has a body of work. I think the longer I'm inactive, also makes it harder to start something, like I have to paint a masterpiece instead of just doing a little bit of art. I'm going to work on just doing.


AmyB said...

I totally understand about finding it difficult to do little bits of work in small amounts of time -- I have that problem both in my day job and in my creative pursuits! I guess we just have to train ourselves to get over it :)

sophie said...

Me, three! When I made my list of small things, I realized they were too big. I made myself make it a list of little bits . . . and actually managed to accomplish some of them.

Marianne said...

Hilda, I somehow missed your first check-in. Great fabric for a backing! I need to do stuff in small bits if not I get problems with my arm/neck. My problem is sometimes to get myself of the sofa after a day's work. Once I've done that the rest follows. We all have our little demons I guess. It's fun to take the time and look at it from a different perspective like doing the exercisses (??) from the book.