Sunday, January 14, 2007

My morning didn't start out right. I have my routine. I wake up early, turn on my computer, feed the cat, go back to the computer and get online. We have dialup (GROAN!) and so while the computer is getting online, I make coffee, so that by the time it's online my coffee is brewing and I can get on with reading emails, etc. So I'm into answering my email and think, surely the coffee is done by now, but NO, it hadn't even started. I thought I had forgotten to turn it on, but to my dismay, it just isn't working. Fortunately my husband had gone back to drinking a newer, milder, decaffeinated coffee so I didn't have to brave the dark, wind, and pelting corn snow to get the spare coffeemaker out of the camper. I hope this isn't a taste of things to come throughout the day.

I finally did finish one of my UFOs. I decided I had to do something with this burlap bag that a friend had come across in his landscaping work and saved for me. It's a little wonky, but finishing it lets me move on to something else. I started it in the spring of 2005, and then lost interest in it. I have also found a lot more UFOs that I had forgotten about. It's not good when they hide out for too long, and one's tastes change. Fortunately they aren't as personal as the burlap piece which would have been hard to donate and let someone else finish. I need to round them up and offer them up for adoption.
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