Sunday, January 03, 2016

Winter is here to stay...

At least it feels that way...  A week after our big snowstorm we still have quite a bit on the ground, and have had a few more storms come through.

The temperatures have been below zero several mornings, the lowest I saw was -8.  We are expecting more snow this week!  I think this is the longest we've had snow last on the ground since we moved here almost 10 years ago!
I've started the new year with a couple of finishes for Dr. Kaufman.  Tove sent these cute tops for kids.  I enlarged one of them with some child friendly print that she sent along with them.  Thanks again, Tove! 

I was able to get two loaded on one backing.  I love it when that works.  
Fortunately we've had some good sunny days, and the temperature in our sunroom warms up to 85 and heats the house.  More snow predicted this week!    

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