Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A busy, wonderful weekend...

Jackie and the boys made a trip down to visit us for our upcoming birthdays.  We had a great time.  We got some nice snow that we had to get out in and enjoy. 

The boys much preferred being pulled up the hill in the sled than walking up on their own power.  

It didn't accumulate too much or last long.  By Sunday it had pretty much all melted except in shady spots, which made for an easy drive down and back.  Sisters!

Yesterday in our once again, quiet house, there were little reminders that four-year old boys had been here...

A little hand print on the early morning condensation on the living room window...
A shark getting ready to take a bite out of a walrus...(Although Mason informed us that walruses live in colonies to be safe from sharks!)  

I've been knitting and finished a second pair of boot cuffs for Jackie.  The first pair I mailed before taking a picture.  

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