Saturday, January 18, 2014

Healing S-L-O-W-L-Y!

I started to write, I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog post...but really I can believe it.  After my last post it was a whirlwind of longarm quilting to get some things done before my total knee surgery on December 5th.

I finished two quilts neither or which I have good pictures of, a king size black and white quilt for Jackie, and a "Christmas" quilt for Lindsay featuring a center medallion embroidery that was done by my mom.  I delivered them both at Thanksgiving.  I also quilted a quilt for Pat which had disastrous bleeding when washed--but her sister still wanted it.  

Then came the surgery with a not so stellar four-day stay at the hospital.  I seemed to be doing okay, until I got my sutures out--and had a cellulitis for which I'm now on the fourth (and hopefully last) ten-day course of antibiotics.  Apparently my right knee was exceptional in its healing, and I should have known better than to expect the same course with the left.  I have sooo much swelling this time, and six weeks post-op I'm still struggling with it.  In spite of that I've made some gains with physical therapy, and my therapist was pleased with my progress at yesterday's visit.  Me, not so much, I expected to be so much farther along.  I guess I still haven't acquired patience! 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Colorado where the grandboys were practicing showing off how old they would be.

Then Christmas here with so much excitement--that only almost three-year-olds can generate.

Not much quilting content--though with Pat's help I'm finishing up a couple of comfort quilts.  My days seem to pass with not much to show, punctuated by pain medication and PT exercises.  I guess I'm the only one that change that!  So here's to a start--at least some blogging.  I have been enjoying sunrises and sunsets--couldn't do justice to the latest full moon with my pictures.  Still need to work on that.  But sunsets don't need much help!


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