Saturday, February 23, 2013

5X7 again!

These really aren't works of art, but exercises--playing and working at art.  They don't deserve titles, and I already have a hard enough time naming quilts.  They usually just get the basic info on the label. 

I did a little more handwork again, and it's still enjoyable in short bursts.  

Speaking of naming quilts, I still haven't labeled my finished batik squares.  I took it for show and tell to Phoenix and my longarm meeting before that, where they got a few good pictures.

I love the texture of this quilting.  The center is Mayan Glyphs by Judy Lyon. I've wanted to do this panto ever since I first saw it.  It really wasn't as daunting as it appears.    

 Actually the palm trees also by Judy Lyon was tougher, and of course I learned a lot of tips at the longarm meeting that I could have used before this quilt.  I'm thinking of calling it Mayans Meet Batiks!  I'm keeping this one.  Thanks Pat for the inspirational batik squares.

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