Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall is finally upon us...

Our trees have been slow to lose their leaves this year. Our peach tree, which sadly due to a late hard frost was devoid of peaches, is putting on quite a show of losing its yellow leaves. Some of our other trees, apricots from which we have yet to enjoy fruit, have brown, frostbitten leaves which refuse to let go. After a few freezes, we've been enjoying Indian summer with daytime temperatures in the 70s.

I didn't blog about it because of the rawness of the pain, but we had to put our longtime cat friend, Frances, to sleep not too long ago. At over 21 years of age she had had a long life, so it wasn't unexpected, but still didn't lessen the pain at all. Shortly before that a new kitty came into our realm. We had decided that we weren't going to have anymore indoor pets, but I couldn't resist feeding this poor little waif that showed up. I dubbed her Grayfeather because of her color and the fact that she was light as a feather. Although she isn't allowed in the house, she knows I'm a soft touch and spends time with me in the sewing room (attached to the garage). Like all cats her favorite spot is among all the fabrics that happen to be cluttering everywhere. When Jackie visited, she renamed her which I added Houston, nice ring, Frangelica Houston Grayfeather. Surely she is destined for greatness.


Sheri said...

Sweet kitty. I'd be tempted to let her have the run of the house. Like the names too. It's true Houston gives it a nice ring.
We have a dog named Zackery Beacher, We named him Zackery and Beacher just seemed to go with it. Had a nice ring :)

Pat/SWquilter said...

LOL! Frangelica Houston Grayfeather gets my vote for Secretary of State! I'd even vote a ticket that let HER run as V.P.