Friday, April 06, 2007

I seem to only post about once a month. Oh well! This is my "granddolly," as dubbed by my friend. My older daughter made this doll when she was a teenager and then gave it to me for a my birthday when she went through the typical teenage difficulties, along with a note apologizing for her behavior. I came across the doll when unpacking other dolls in my collection and decided that I had cared for her long enough, and gave her back to my daughter for Christmas. In the many years in between I have started quilting, and my daughter told me, the doll needed a quilt. The chair came from my mother-in-law's home which we went through last summer after she passed away. (Each of my daughters got a rocker.) So last weekend we went to visit my daughter and I gave granddolly a new outfit, a quilt, and puppy for my daughter's birthday. My friend Pat gave me a box of 1.5 inch squares--there are I'm sure, hundreds in the box--and I quickly decided I didn't want to make a whole quilt out of the squares, and so that's how the puppy came into being. I tried handquilting this little quilt, but my hands weren't cooperating with that.

Since I'm not likely to change my ways any time soon. I'll be back in about a month!

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