Monday, February 19, 2007

People Fish

I I got this sarong (rayon) from a friend that was living in Hawaii at the time. Because of the lines in the design I thought it would make the perfect piece to practice machine quilting. I backed it with flannel and machine quilted the lines in the design. I didn't want to border it with anything so I made the edges wavy and rounded the corners. It is my lap quilt, but I'm not using it much since the cat thinks any time I sit in the chair with a blanket I'm there solely for her comfort! It's nice to get something else finished.

I've also finished the child's quilt top I started about two years ago! Tomorrow I'll get the batting down from the garage rafters, and get it ready for quilting. Pretty soon I'll have caught up with all the UFOs I intend to finish, and I can think about starting new things. There are some UFOs that you just know you're never going to be in the mood to finish.
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